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Safety is such an important part of what we do in the oil and gas industry. Public safety was what sparked the United States’ concern, and it is the reason regulators began writing the Mega Rule. It all started with the San Bruno, California incident in 2010, and the Sissonville, West Virginia incident in 2012. These incidents among several other incidents were what spurred the discussion to create these rules. So, what is the Mega Rule? [...]

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The way we do business has changed dramatically since the pandemic. Though these uncertain times have caused us to take a step back, digital transformation has been driving companies forward and improving them. Digital transformation and innovation is the key to growth. [...]

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April is Earth month and Earth day was not long ago, but truthfully speaking, isn't Earth day every day? Which means, this is the perfect time to discuss this! After all, there is no greater asset we've been given than life on this Earth, and we have the power to make huge changes to this Earth [...]

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Knowing your inventory is an absolute necessity and how well you manage it directly affects your bottom line. Arguably, the materials that go into building any facility are the most important part of the whole project. This holds true for all parts of the oil and gas value chain [...]

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The sheer quantities and varieties of material that are needed to be procured, organized,
dispatched and recorded during the lifecycle of a pipeline construction project can be mind-
boggling. Reportedly, inefficient materials handling has led to tons of wasted material or
material that has been lost or unaccounted for [...]

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