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Intelligent Completions Management

Automate your pre-commissioning and commissioning process, workflows, data and documentation with Streamline's comprehensive suite of tools. Track progress and deliverables electronically and in real-time. Bring the completions phases of large infrastructure projects into a centralized connected database. 

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Intelligent Workflows

Based on engineering design data and Inspection Test Plans, quality checks are performed as work progresses, using intelligent workflows. The systems limit drawings are fed into the system, forming the work breakdown structure (WBS) which is the foundation for all Mechanical Completion. With our workflows, activities that are outstanding will trigger email notifications to the appropriate users. 

  • Workflows make sure no one ever misses a step

  • Workflows make it easier for inspectors to verify installation, functionality and documentation

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Save Time and Effort

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Streamline's tools take a digital approach that is efficient and eliminates the manual effort of maintaining thousands of Inspection test Reports (ITRs). Instead, it stores them digitally in a single controlled environment. Smart digital Punch Lists make punch list management more efficient and effective by an order of magnitude, as they replace paper-based checklists. 

  • Intuitive Punch List Management system for the field

  • A digital format increases the productivity of document development and maintenance

Continuous Monitoring

Gain insight into your project's progress with dashboards and track the status of completions and punch lists. Integration with GIS systems allows the retrieval of inspection check sheets, drawings and certificates through the GIS viewer. Plans and schedules can be generated for Preservation Management and Preservation activities can be monitored. 

  • Monitor progress on each facility, area/unit, system, subsystem and equipment

  • Preservation management for monitoring asset health

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Streamline by the Numbers


Processing Terminals


Well Pads


Wells (Production, Injection and Water)


Tank Farms, Storage Tanks, STG's and Boilers


Stations, Compressors, Terminals


Work Packages


Above Ground Installations and BSV


Inter-field Pipelines


Grid Systems


Substation Buildings
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