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Flexible. Intelligent. Real Time. 

Pipetrak IT is a pipeline data management system that allows owners, operators and engineering firms to track, manage and report real-time data throughout the entire pipeline construction process. Using the latest in web and mobile technologies, Pipetrak IT provides traceability of materials, inspection and construction quality, capturing data and documentation that assists in project management and meets all compliance reporting requirements. 

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"One of the largest pipeline projects in the world selected Petro IT's Pipetrak IT solution to track, monitor and manage the material traceability and construction on this challenging and complex project involving the laying of 1800 miles of 56" pipe"

Watch how Pipetrak IT can help you

Material Traceability

Get an unprecedented level of material tracking and traceability that enables you to track materials through the supply chain starting directly at the manufacturer or distributor, following it through each point of storage or handover and finally to its installation. 

  • Real-time material and installation traceability aligned with the latest compliance requirements

  • Attribute data and quality documentation for each type and specification of material are captured and linked to unique item serial numbers, making every component traceable

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Digital Inspection Records

3rd image - Material Receipt and Inspect

Intelligent mobile field inspection forms assist inspectors in doing their jobs better and quicker. The forms have validation parameters based on design and construction procedures that guide inspectors as they populate them. Daily inspection reports can be generated in custom formats directly from the system, alleviating the need for inspectors to prepare reports at the end of every day. The application takes care of it all. This data is pushed in real-time to the Pipetrak IT database, from where it is published to the portal for reporting and analytics. 

  • Eliminate paper and electronically manage pipeline inspection forms

  • Logs, remarks and pictures give the whole story of every weld


Pipetrak IT works as a compliance management tool for pipeline construction. All data, documentation and records needed to meet the "traceable, verifiable and complete" regulatory requirements are available through Pipetrak IT. Given the depth of information available and the ease of retrieval, it is proven to be a very effective tool for regulatory audit support. 

  • Helps your projects meet PHMSA's Mega Rule and other standards and requirements

  • Bulletproofed data to achieve regulatory compliance



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Warehouse Management

Pipetrak IT integrates with Stack61 to bring you the ability to keep track of your surplus inventory. It allows everyone in your enterprise to have a view of available stock. Using web and mobile apps, logging on and reserving materials for projects becomes an easy and automated task

ROW Module.png
ROW Module

Land and Environment

A web-based GIS-enabled Right of Way management system. It enables pipeline owners to maintain and update cadastral information, land owner details, compensation details and permits for right of use and more. 

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Supply Chain

Material Management

The Materials Tracking System of the Pipetrak IT suite is capable of monitoring and tracking the manufacturing and logistics of materials across production facilities, storage yards and sites. Pipetrak IT's material management system integrates with Stack61 to bring traceability to older materials that have been in storage and have been pulled from yards and warehouses for newer projects. 


Construction Quality Management

The Construction Management System (CMS) allows for the capture and publishing of construction activity data in real-time and links to material and design data. 


TVC Compliance & Final Delivery

The Pipetrak IT GIS application enables the as-built pipeline and construction progress to be depicted spatially. This allows for viewing detailed construction and inspection data directly on the GIS platform. 



Petro IT's Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning application, Streamline, allows for the tracking and management of the commissioning process based on the projects Inspection Test Plan. The completions process is brought into a work breakdown structure and workflow establishing an auditable trail on each component and test. 

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Key Takeaways from Pipetrak IT:

A mobile and desktop solution that works no matter where you are

A desktop dashboard that is a project manager's dream

A system that gives you a superior level of monitoring and control

Quality management alerts on construction issues notify you before it's too late

Data is available in real-time and in the end, is migrated to the operator's database

A solution that gives you a quick and clean project close-out

Ensures regulatory compliance

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