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Traceable. Verifiable. Complete.

Digitize paper copies of pipeline construction records, identify gaps, and correlate available data and documentation with our Mozaic tool. Migrate your siloed data sets to your enterprise operating environment and achieve traceable, verifiable and complete data and documentation that can withstand any PHMSA audit.

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Data Conversion and Migration

Our employees organize and correlate available data and documentation. Important records that are required to be retained are converted to a digital format and are stored in a controlled environment.

  • Convert pipeline facility data to a loadable format

  • The new data format adheres to the operator's data dictionaries, featuring code libraries and all QA/QC features

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Data Validation

Automated QC tools run a gap analysis to ensure your data is accurate and complete. Once a gap report is generated, data is cleaned and data population begins. Our Mozaic tool compares data sets from the survey, inspection, and construction to ensure data is accurate and bulletproofed.

  • Historical documentation is validated in record time thanks to our internal tools

  • Historical data undergoes rigorous quality control and is triple-checked

Stop Searching, Start Preparing

Preparing for PHMSA’s Mega Rule may require a huge overhaul. Save the time you would’ve spent sifting through job boxes, Excel documents, or non-functional databases. Compile project data and pipeline information into a uniform and accurate database with our Mozaic tool. 

  • Fulfill record-keeping requirements and digitize your critical records

  • Records are linked in the GIS as well as in the delivered database

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TVC compliance

for your pipeline

project and GIS data.

Never worry about a PHMSA audit again.

Mozaic is the out of the box solution for compliance management.


Mozaic organizes data and documentation per your company's standards.


Project stakeholders have access to a live dashboard showing current progress.





Utilizing our software and

experience that has been

deployed on pipeline projects since 2003.



Automated tool utilized for data validation & population, reducing errors.​



Link documents to insure TVC compliance and PHMSA req​uirements.



Facilitates data collaboration across multiple stakeholders & projects.


Invest Smartly

Utilizing the powerful software solution of Mozaic will help save your company time, resources and money.

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