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Intelligent Plant Construction

Glide is a data management system that allows owners, operators and engineering firms to track, manage and report real-time data throughout the entire plant and facility construction process. Using mobile and web technologies, Glide focuses on planning, procurement, allocation, consumption of multi-discipline items and inspection and construction quality. The platform allows stakeholders to get project metrics, which encourage collaboration and influences decision making. Glide provides traceability by barcoding materials like spools, pumps and more. Construction activities such as piping and structural systems are tracked using handheld devices and inspection reports are generated digitally. 

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Material Management

Materials are tracked from the point of production to their final installation. Capture material data and attributes for materials used in piping, instrumentation and electrical on a tablet device. The data is then used to generate various reports on materials in terms of their status and consumption. The enterprise has access to these reports on the Glide portal. With the help of streamlined workflows, a user is able to effortlessly view material requirements, submit a request for additional material, track the approval status of requests and issue materials to the project. 

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  • Material stock reports, requirements based on BoM's, requisition and validation help to maintain visibility throughout your project

  • Re-order levels can be set to trigger automatically for ensuring stock availability

Quality Assurance and Control

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Prevent potential issues such as receiving defective material by increasing traceability on material quality. Maintain quality by testing damaged items according to the ITP, which is stored in Glide. Pictures of damages can be uploaded instantly from the device and are linked to the respective items. Reports on consumption are linked to the isometric number. 

The system provides alerts and reports enabling the checking and tracking of non-conformance as construction progresses. Repair rates and other quality control related analytics form part of the libraries of reports and dashboard style widgets, making Glide a very powerful quality assurance and control tool. 

  • Manage ITPs to maintain construction quality for each construction activity

  • Construction is checked against engineering documents in real-time, removing any risk of using incorrect materials

Multi-Discipline Functionality

Web and mobile apps can be configured to fit the different disciplines and corresponding activities in plant construction. Choose from our workflows, form designers and reporting templates to configure it to fit your company and specific asset. Easy configuration allows for a custom set-up of your construction project and processes. 

  • Mechanical

  • Piping

  • Instrumentation

  • Electrical

  • Fire & Safety

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  • Material Take Off (MTO

  • Purchase Order and Packing

  • Shipment and Dispatch

  • Receipt, Damage and Return

  • Material Requisition

  • Spare parts and Assemblies

  • Component/Equipment Barcoding

Material Manager


  • Pre-Defined Activity Template (Fit up, NDT, PAMI up to Painting)

  • Spool Construction

  • Inspection Reports for other disciplines

  • Non-conformance Tracking



  • Line List

  • PID and Isometric

  • Component Catalog

  • Welds (Define and Allocate)

  • Spools (Pre-fabricated/New)

  • ITP and FTP

  • Document Engine

Material Catalog

Glide Web Image-01.png




  • Stock Register

  • Material Reconciliation

  • Supply and Logistics

  • ISO Tracking (Consumption)

  • Line History Sheet

  • Welding/X-ray DPR

  • Welding Statistics

End User Reporting

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