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Pipetrak IT

One of the bigger private E&P companies in India planned to build the longest heated underground pipeline in the world. The complexities involved in building 670 kilometres of heated crude pipeline were enormous and required close monitoring of Construction Activities, Traceability of Material, better Quality Control and Efficient Document Management Processes. Petro IT implemented its flagship solution, Pipetrak IT, on this project. The system provided various modules to track, monitor and visualize various pipeline construction activities like a material module, construction module, EDMS & GIS along with various reporting options to track non-compliance, procedure qualification & QA/QC processes. 

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Pipetrak IT

An owner & operator of a pipeline was interested in implementing newer technological platforms like GIS on this project. It required an integrated monitoring solution to optimize Project Monitoring, Tractability, Quality Control, Document Management and Planning. They needed a service provider that could deliver an integrated solution for all its Execution, Schedule and Delivery needs and Monitoring of Material Production, Delivery and Construction. The solution was intended to have the capability to integrate with SCADA and Leak Detection systems in subsequent phases. 

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One of the biggest independent oil and gas E&P Company in India realized the complexities in developing its offshore block in the desert state of Rajasthan in North-Western India. The challenge was to monitor, validate and certify the critical E&P activities (from FEED to Commissioning) for multiple small & large scale projects operating simultaneously in geographically distant locations of Rajasthan. Following a base study investigation and gap analysis breakdown of current work methods, Petro IT implemented Streamline, a strategically developed monitoring tool that helped them in achieving operational integrity, organized workflows and attaining early turnovers & acceptance for successfully managing the construction completions and commissioning activities. The solution provided various stand-alone modules like Punch list management, Certification expeditor, WBS manager and Asset Register that effectively catered to the need of multi-discipline teams and walk down phases thereby providing a seamless handover for operations & maintenance activities. This E&P Company is now looking to roll out the methodology to the other prime Contractors on all E&P Projects to achieve the same benefits. The open nature of the Streamline modules and the ability to manage all the equivalences within the Streamline package itself makes rolling the methodology out to other Contractors simple and effective.

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